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On the Issues

Important Issues Affecting Our District

Public Safety
As a former prosecutor, Anthony Palumbo has worked to keep our communities safe. That means keeping dangerous criminals behind bars, and protecting the rights and needs of crime victims and law abiding citizens.  As Assemblyman and Senator, he’s led the charge to repeal cashless bail and other radical policies that have made the state less safe and the job of law enforcement more dangerous. Senator Palumbo strongly supports our men and women in uniform and is a vocal advocate for crime victims and victims’ rights. 


Living in Suffolk County is expensive. Residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation and the region’s fair share of state aid and resources is continually funneled to New York City and its pet projects. Senator Anthony Palumbo is working to put an end to that. We can count on him to lead the way in making Suffolk County more affordable by pushing for our fair share of state funding in order to lower property taxes, and by advocating for a reduction in the fees and taxes that drive up the cost of living and working on Long Island. This year alone, Senator Palumbo voted to fully phase in the Senate Republican’s middle class tax cut, suspend the state’s gas tax and restore the STAR relief checks.  With inflation and gas prices at historic highs, Senator Palumbo understands that now is the time to deliver real and lasting relief to struggling Long Island families and businesses. 

We’re blessed to be home to one of the most unique, beautiful natural environments in the entire state, and it’s our job to ensure it maintains pristine for current and future generations to enjoy. Anthony Palumbo was born and raised here, and knows just how special our beaches and waterways are. He will be a leader in the efforts to protect them and promote responsible stewardship, so families like his and yours can continue to use and enjoy them. 

Education Aid
Long Island schools deserve the best. We’re fortunate enough to have the best teachers in the state, but they need more resources and funding to continue helping our children grow and develop. Our parents deserve much-needed tax relief for the sky-high property taxes they pay. And our children deserve the best tools and access to the best learning materials. Accomplishing this means providing our schools with their fair share of school aid. Senator Anthony Palumbo has repeatedly fought for our schools to ensure we receive the education aid and resources our children, educators and families deserve.

Economic Development
New York State’s economic recovery from COVID is lagging behind the rest of the nation. This situation will only continue to worsen if state leaders fail to address the state and region’s affordability crisis.  Senator Anthony Palumbo has long been focused on ensuring our communities are home to good-paying careers, so residents aren’t forced to leave our region to seek opportunities elsewhere. In the State Senate, Senator Anthony Palumbo has worked with local business leaders, union officials and government agencies to find new, creative ways to jumpstart our economy and help small businesses rebound to meet the challenges of the pandemic and inflation.

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