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About Anthony

Senator Anthony Palumbo:
for a Safer and More Affordable Long Island.

Anthony H. Palumbo is the State Senator for the 1st Senate District.  The district includes part of the Town of Brookhaven, and the towns of Riverhead, Southold, East Hampton, Southampton and Shelter Island.

Previously, Senator Palumbo served in the New York State Assembly for several years, first being elected to the 2nd Assembly District in 2013.

As a Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney, he prosecuted major crimes and drug traffickers. He has taken that background to Albany and as an Assemblyman and Senator, he’s fought to keep our communities safe, hold officials accountable and enhance the quality of life that makes Suffolk County special.

Since his election to the Assembly in 2013, Anthony has shown the drive and vision families on Long Island need and deserve in state government. His very first piece of legislation was a massive tax-cut bill that would save the average Suffolk County resident over $2,500 annually. That same year he accomplished a rare feat for a freshman GOP Assemblyman by sponsoring and passing a law that helped first-time homebuyers and younger residents save thousands and made the dream of homeownership on Long Island more affordable.  Last year, he passed more bills than any other Republican Senator and has continued to work with his colleagues to make Long Island safer and more affordable.

In addition to his proven record as a tax reformer, Anthony hasn’t shied away from tackling the tough quality of life and public safety issues Long Island families face. He was a leader of the movement to reform and repeal Common Core, supported and passed a constitutional amendment stripping corrupt politicians of a taxpayer-funded pension and supported significant investment in improving our water quality and environment.  He has also made education a top priority and is a strong advocate in the battle to ensure Long Island taxpayers receive their fair share of school aid and infrastructure funding.

Currently, Anthony’s top priority is repealing the controversial bail and discovery reforms harming our residents and local law enforcement. As Senator, he has continued to lead the effort to make our communities safer, cleaner and more affordable, while maintaining his commitment to enhancing the quality of life on Long Island.   

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